"Energy! It's the Invisible Thing That Controls Your Entire Life...
It Can Either Keep You Stuck, Unhappy, and Unfulfilled... OR It Can Bring You Abundance, Happiness, Success, and Inner Peace... 
As you probably already know, energy affects you more than you realize.

Remember a time when you spoke to someone or encountered someone who was angry, stressed, anxious, or in a bad mood? What happened after?

Chances are… you FELT IT… maybe in your stomach, your heart, or your head… but it affected you somehow.

It doesn’t stop there…

Sometimes you carry that energy throughout your day and it ends up affecting everything you do, and everyone you encounter.

Now that’s just one tiny example of how a complete stranger can affect your life through energy alone.

“Every painful and traumatic experience you’ve ever had since you were a child had a tremendous energetic impact on you and it’s still affecting you, and holding you back…”
Here’s how it happens…

When the painful experience happens, the energy from that initially gets stored in your body.

The initial energy that was stored in your body from these painful experiences eventually turn into energetic patterns.

These energetic patterns keep you STUCK, and cause you to keep re-experiencing the same problem over, and over, and over again... because you're unconsciously still following an energetic pattern that's within you.

When something traumatic happens, it affects us mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically.

Most of the time, we address everything BUT the energetic root... this is why sometimes people just can't seem to find the answer or the solution to their problems... because it's INVISIBLE!

Unless you are able to remove the deeply-rooted, energetic blocks that are stuck in your body (sometimes on a deep cellular level), you will be stuck where you are...

Your problems will keep reoccurring over and over again, and you won’t be able to fully move forward regardless of how hard you try…

"I was able to tap into a force that powers me today"
I went to the Feb. Sedona Geo Love Healing event with no idea of what I was walking into! I was a complete novice when it came to energy healing or understanding our unique abilities. I left that event with a deep understanding of my personal capabilities and the knowledge and tools to use these new tools to help myself and others. 

I was able to tap into a force that powers me today, changing my life profoundly.

- Tiffanie D.
It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way!
Here Are Some FREE Videos on How to Master Your Energy 
“You Were Born Perfect..."
There’s so much unnecessary pain and suffering in the world because people are not aware of their unique spiritual gifts...

Or worse, they dim or completely shut off their light because they don’t understand it - and they are afraid to be judged by others.

Us shutting off our light, is like shutting off our spiritual GPS system and our intuition - and that’s a huge reason why a lot of people get lost or stuck in life... running around in circles but not really living their full potential and not experiencing the full abundance and fulfillment that life has to offer.

You weren’t born imperfect and helpless, quite the opposite.

You were born perfect.

Equipped with all the spiritual knowledge, gifts, and tools you need to not only survive - but to thrive - and make a lasting impact on the world.

You came here as a gift to the world through your own unique expression of your divine wisdom.

But somewhere along the way you forgot that - gave your power away -and relied purely on our logic and brain to survive.

We shut off not only our light but also our emotions - and our gifts.

But the magic in life - and our purpose in life lies within our light - not our darkness - our hearts, and not our heads.

And I'm here to help you return back to you... 
Hi My Name Is Kuya Niño (Oliver)...
...And chances are, you’ve probably never heard of me... and It was designed that way.
Because up until now, I’ve been working underground, away from the public eye...and attention. For over 10 years, people from all over the globe have secretly referred to me as “the Spiritual Activator”. My name being passed around through whispers in elite closed circles… meeting people strictly through referrals.
  • When a CEO who’s selling billions faces challenges and is stuck, I get the call to find the energetic blockages, and remove them...
  • ​ When the celebrity is going through a meltdown because of a break up and can’t seem to attract the “right kind” of man, I get the call to find the energetic cause - and address it.
  • ​When a husband is about to pull the trigger and end his life, I get the call to come in and intervene…
  • ​When a woman has been on dozens of different medications for years - and has debilitating panic attacks just going to the grocery - I get the call to fix it.
  • ​When a child is extra sensitive to energy, and is displaying spiritual gifts at a young age - I get the call to help them understand it, cultivate it, and get it under control...
"There is no greater gift than to be enlightened through a method that heals you"
The Geo Love Healing was an experience and education unlike any other. The knowledge imparted by Oliver is precious in the way that it not only helps you overcome energetic barriers in your life but supports you in helping other do the same. 

There is no greater gift than to be enlightened through a method that heals you and those around you. Thank you so much Oliver for sharing this priceless energetic skill.

Trish T.

"You have something special inside of you"
I’ll never forget those words.

Flash back to 2008....

I don’t know how she found me, but she did... 

She was a psychic to the stars in Hollywood... Countless A-list celebrities used her for readings and spiritual advice.

There was a long pause... of what felt like years of awkward silence.

And she looked at me and said...

“You have something special inside of you. You are going to change millions of lives. You need to go to Sedona as soon as you can. Sedona has the key”.
"Few weeks later, I found myself in Sedona... and what happened next changed my life forever..."
I was meditating on top of a vortex... (yes that really is me on that rock, in that picture above...)

A vortex is a powerful and transformational energy center - They are the intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy, also known as ley lines... and they have A LOT of them in Sedona.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, i started getting these images in my head - flashing quickly while my eyes were closed.

Pyramids... spheres... spirals... 

Sacred geometry symbols and shapes that I’ve never seen before.
“Sacred Geometry Can Be Found EVERYWHERE…It’s Around You… Inside Of YOU… And It’s Even Been Called The Language Of GOD…”
…From the spirals of the double helix DNA in your body

…To the hemoglobin in our blood, that is shaped as an octahedron (two pyramids back to back)

…To the great pyramids in Egypt

…To the crop circles in Europe…

…To the design of religious structures such as churches, mosques, and temples…

… And even the spiral nature of galaxies in our universe

Sacred Geometry is everywhere!

It’s INSIDE of you…and it’s also everywhere around you…

… And since it’s a major part of all living things, and a big part of creation… it’s also been called the language of GOD…

…But there’s more...

Sacred Geometry is more than just shapes… In fact, you’d be surprised to learn that…
“Sacred Geometry Is The Key To Activating Your OWN Gifts And UNLOCKING Healing On A Completely Different Level…”
There are many forms of Sacred Geometry forms out there, one of my favorite examples is the pyramid structure.

In the ancient times, pyramids were used for preservation. They were used to dehydrate and mummify things without decay or mold growing.

Nowadays, pyramids are used for much more… For example…

A researcher named, Bill Kerell experimented with pyramids for about 17 years. He did a lot of experiments using brine shrimp. Brine shrimp usually live for 6 to 7 weeks; but under the pyramids, Bill has kept them alive for over a year. He also noticed that pyramid-grown shrimp grew two to three times larger than normal.

Crazy huh? There’s more…

A Canadian hospital tried using a pyramid in their burn ward. The results were that after being under the pyramid for a few minutes, the patients' pain started to reduce. They also found that burn areas healed much faster.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Sacred Geometry can do…

Little did I know, sacred geometry would do the unthinkable to me...

"Something Happened To Me That Day... Next Thing You Know..."
I started seeing people’s energy fields...

I would all of a sudden just “know things” before they even happened... predictably and consistently.

If someone was going through something, I knew it - because I felt everything they felt, and more...

I could look at their bodies and just "know" where all the energetic blocks - are... I'd know what caused them recurring pain in their life...

I could see and access their karma...

All the negative energy that's trapped in the organs, energetic field, aura, chakras, cellular level, and more...

And for some weird reason, I knew how to fix it all.

I had information downloaded in me, that I didn't have before...

...And I was just able to do things, I've never done before either...

I felt like Neo straight out of the matrix...
“First, I Started Working On Myself - Removing All The Energy Blocks I Saw Within Me...  
At first, I started out doing the healings on myself, and boy did my life change quickly...
  • ​My income jumped and multiplied within months
  • ​Toxic people in my life started to distance themselves from me
  • ​I started attracting opportunities and manifesting what I wanted left and right…and extremely fast
  • ​The quality of my relationships got better
  • ​Things in my life that used to bother me, didn’t affect me anymore
  • ​I felt "inner peace" and freedom for the first time in a long time...
  • ​And much more...
After seeing the results for myself, I started out by supporting a few close friends, family members, and colleagues.

I wanted to make sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what I discovered worked for other people as well.

… And it WORKED!

People started telling me detailed ‘before and after’ stories of how my healing sessions improved their lives.
“The Birth Of A New Mission..."
11 years later, after doing tens and thousands of energy healing sessions for myself and others... and seeing the profound change and deep impact it has on others...

I'm ready to step out of the shadows and touch as many lives as I can.

I'm dedicating the rest of my life  to activating people’s spiritual gifts & removing their energetic blocks so they can reach full potential & become a force for good

That's why I have been and will continue to give away lots of free information...so you can have all the tools you need to master your own energy, and live a beautiful life.  
How To Work With Me...
Currently, I'm running 2 other businesses full-time - completely unrelated to this energy work I do... and am a full-time dad to 2 adorable boys and a husband to a Goddess :)

This whole energy activation thing? I do it for fun as it's my passion and purpose work.

I'm blessed to not have to rely on this as an income source, and truly do this just as a way of giving back, and paying it forward. 
1. FREE TRAINING: Discover the 8 "Psychic Senses" You Might Have and How They Work...
I used to be overwhelmed, stressed out, and anxious on a daily basis…

I tried just about everything you can think of - affirmations, rewiring limiting beliefs, self-help, deep emotional work… but nothing seemed to really work consistently… until I discovered the power of the “8 psychic senses” that exist in our energetic bodies… and that’s when everything changed.

That’s why I’ve put together a free 60-minute training on “The 8 "Psychic Senses" and How to Master Your Energy ”.

2. GRAB MY BOOK: 5 Steps to Clearing, Unblocking, and Protecting Your Energy to Attract More Love, Joy, and Purpose
If you're feeling stuck, lost, or drained in life, my book offers practical tools and techniques to awaken your spiritual energy and find your life's purpose. 

As a spiritual coach and healer, I've helped countless individuals clear their energy fields, unblock their chakras, and protect themselves from negative influences.

Whether you're new to spirituality or have been practicing for years, this book offers a roadmap to connect with your higher self, manifest your desires, and live a life of joy, purpose, and abundance.

So, if you're ready to discover your true spiritual potential, pick up a copy of my book today >>
What Others Are Saying After Going Through My Energy Healing Workshops...
"Not only did I learn my gifts, I found my heart 
and let it shine!"
I attended the Geo Love Healing event in Sedona and wasn’t sure what I would get out of it. This was a new concept for me. 

Wow!! I was amazed!! 

Oliver teaches with such love and caring. His goal is for us to learn what our gifts to this world are and then how to share them. It was truly magical for me. 

Not only did I learn my gifts, I found my heart and let it shine! My life has been transformed by this event. I have learned new tools that I have also taught others to help them in their daily lives. My life and those that surround me are so much better today. Thank you! 

Jackie J
"I left feeling a sense of clarity and peace about my purpose on this planet"
  "My experience at the Geo love healing workshop was incredible and almost beyond words. This workshop helped me realize and embrace my full potential in this human experience. Not only are we pure love but our ability to manifest the life we want is undeniably ours. 

Oliver was able to teach us how to tap into our most authentic self by clearing a lifetime of stuck energy that had been holding us back. We were taught how to lovingly help others release unwanted energy through a process of intuition, visualization, and love. 

We learned how to tap into our highest self to heal for the highest good of all. This workshop was truly life changing for me. I left feeling a sense of clarity and peace about my purpose on this planet. I am eternally grateful for my experience and my ability heal others with the gifts I learned. 

Thank you Oliver!" 

Sending ❤️❤️❤️
Kristi Gorrondona
"It changed my life profoundly"
"The geo-energy healing workshop gave me insight into a bigger meaning of my life’s purpose.
Oliver gave me a very powerful manual by which I could discover my own gifts and explore them. To be in a group-constellation accelerated my understanding of the great variation in how this tool can be of use for the highest good of all. It changed my life profoundly." 

"I've gained so much more confidence in my own unique abilities as a healer"
...And for those not so new to Energy work, I am an Energy Healer in my own practice and I was interested to explore other modalities. I really enjoyed learning and using the sacred geometry aspects with Geo. I've also managed to learn and integrate some 'fine - tuning' into my own practice since. I've gained so much more confidence in my own unique abilities as a healer since this workshop. 
It's a MUST do.🙏💜💜

Thank you Oliver I don't think I will ever be the same again! (In a good way!! ) haha😍💖

Mary Catherine Mcnena
"You come away empowered, with a deeper connection 
to your intuition"
Once the weekend got started any nervousness or doubt immediately melted away and I was swept away into an amazing experience!

Oliver creates the most incredible space to learn in. He takes you into different practices with no preconceived notions, then spend the time following the experience having the group share individually and explaining what they did each time. The group meditation we did BLEW ME AWAY, each meditation was different for me and I came away with tangible experiences that left me in awe and wonder.

What I enjoyed most about this event was learning that everyone has gifts and everyone's gifts and abilities manifest in different ways. You come away empowered, with a deeper connection to your intuition and a bigger awareness of the impact you can have on the world.

I loved the experience and look forward to attending another Geo event - there is something truly magical created in the space coming together to learn, experience, and grow. And Oliver is an incredible teacher to learn from. I HIGHLY recommend attending a Geo Love & Healing event - you will be amazed at what you discover within yourself!

Meleah G.
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